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Success Stories

  • Holy Trinity Lutheran School
    “Whether it’s being an ornithologist, a physicist, or an engineer, all bring an exciting adventure to their studies.”
  • St. Theodore Catholic School
    “We’re reaching our visual kids, our auditory kids, and our hands-on kids.”
  • Dr. Nick Osborne Primary Center
    “They’re making connections, asking questions and inferring what’s going to happen next like little scientists.”
  • St. John’s Lutheran School
    “Nancy Larson Science is definitely on top of things, matching up with the NGSS science standards and integrating nicely into our school curriculum.”
  • Cloudcroft Elementary School
    “The interactive pieces of the program really get the kids excited about science.”
  • St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School
    “The Nancy Larson Science Program has energized our teachers and students!”
  • All Saints Catholic School
    “The lessons build on one another and the materials are all gathered for you…”
  • The Oakridge School
    “We love that the information in the Nancy Larson Science program is challenging and age-appropriate yet easy for teachers to implement,” said Dr. Schecter.
  • Saint Bernadette Catholic School
    “In our school community, a large number of parents work in high-tech industries. Because of their line of work, they recognize that as the world is changing, science is a critical concept for their children to understand. So they’re very excited and pleased that we made this change because they can see it in what their kids bring home and share with them.”
  • St. John Neumann Academy
    “When there is a pattern to learning and excellent classroom management, students retain the material better. I think this program is phenomenal and we love it!”
  • St. Francis Xavier Elementary
    Catholic school excited about science program Like many other schools, St. Francis Xavier Elementary School was using a basic science program filled with lots of “fluff.” School administrators knew their previous program was wasting precious time in the classroom. So in 2007 Nancy Larson Science was selected to be the new science program for the private school because it was workable, thorough, student friendly, and… Read More »St. Francis Xavier Elementary