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St. John Neumann Academy

    "Our middle school students walk through the classroom and say, 'We wish we had this program when we were in second grade.'" -- Jenny Mishoe, Lead Teacher

    Consistency is the key

    St. John Neumann Academy, a Catholic school in Blacksburg, Virginia, has taught the Nancy Larson Science program for a number of years, recently implementing  Science 4. Lead teacher Jenny Mishoe believes having a solid foundation of teaching methods is critical for all teachers. Nancy Larson Science ensures that science will be taught in a systematic manner. “No matter the experience level of the teacher, when Nancy Larson Science is being used, we know how and what our students are being taught,” Mishoe said.

    Constant exposure to reading

    St. John Neumann Academy has noticed the science program has not only increased students’ knowledge of science but has also strengthened students’ reading skills. When students are consistently exposed to reading, their skills begin to build and strengthen. “The program is great in helping reading, especially with our lower readers. It is not the typical assigned reading assignment; they are reading along through the science program.”


    Classroom management

    “We believe in routine and consistency,” said Mishoe. “When there is a pattern to learning and excellent classroom management, students retain the material better. I think this program is phenomenal and we love it!”