Science 4

Science 4 - Boy looking at shells

Science 4

Includes: Science 4 Tool Kit, Teacher’s manual, Student materials, Classroom materials

Nancy Larson® Science 4 focuses on organisms and their interactions as well as forms of energy. The emphasis is life science and physical science as lessons review and build upon topics taught in Science K–3. Life science lessons include introduction to cells and cell structures, botany (plants are examined and classified), characteristics of vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and ecosystems, including adaptations and behaviors of plants and animals. Physical science lessons explore energy, including kinetic and potential energy, sound, radiant energy, visible light, heat, and renewable and non-renewable energy resources. Introduction of electricity finishes the program with lessons on types of electricity and building series circuits, parallel circuits, and electromagnets.

Included in a science kit are the Tool Kit, teacher’s manuals, student materials, resource books, posters, science word wall cards, lesson charts, photo cards, and slide shows, as well as access to website resources. To learn more about these components, read below.

Tool Kit

Our science tool kits contain important items to illustrate or augment lesson content. From buzzers and bulb holders to propellers and seashells, we’ve gathered it for you!

Click here for a list of Science 4 Tool Kit materials.

Teacher’s Manual and Classroom Materials

The teacher’s manual contains 91 lessons, which are each presented in a booklet format that can be removed from the teacher’s manual for use during preparation and teaching.



  • Biology—Exploring the Characteristics of Cells
  • Botany—Examining and Classifying Plants
  • Zoology—Investigating Characteristics of Animals
  • Ecology—Examining Ecosystems
  • Physics—Exploring Energy
  • Physics—Investigating Electricity
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Large charts of selected student pages, science word wall cards, photo cards, posters, and teacher resource books enhance the lessons.



Website Resources

We have additional website resources available for teachers and students to expand and enhance Nancy Larson Science.

Science 4 Student Links

These are the items that are available on our website for teachers of our program. These items are updated in real time.

  • Pacing Calendars
  • Planning Guide
  • Science 4 Glossaries – Topic, Alphabetical, and Diacritical Marks
  • Student Word Cards
  • Children’s Science Booklet Scoring Rubric
  • Science 4 Literature Connections
  • Science Word List and Labels
  • Science Slide Shows
  • Lesson Charts and Teaching Masters for Projection
  • Photo Cards for Projection
  • Optional Photos for Projection
  • Lesson Review Recording Forms
  • Parent Letters and Homework in Spanish
  • Website Activities
  • Supplemental Informational Text Reading Activities
  • Research Projects and Activities
  • Suggested Activities Supporting English Language Arts – Click here for excerpt 

Student Outcomes

Objectives and Student Outcomes for every lesson make lesson planning easy!

Sample Science 4 Student Outcomes

Student Materials

Engaging content is presented through student booklets. Concepts are reinforced through hands-on lesson activities and experiments.