Addressing Next Generation Science Standards and the National Science Framework

Nancy Larson Science was written to exceed national science standards. Educators applaud the program’s challenging content that gets students thinking on their own and making important connections to the world around them. Teachers appreciate that the science content is age-appropriate and rigorous. They say it inspires students and instills a love of science.

When it comes to addressing the National Science Framework and Next Generation Science Standards, Nancy Larson Science:

  • Has in-depth study of Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI)
    Our programs provide an in-depth study of Disciplinary Core Ideas from kindergarten to fourth grade. The program is rigorous and age-appropriate. Click on the link below to see the correlations of Nancy Larson Science to the National Science Framework and NGSS.
  • Increases sophistication of student thinking
    Nancy Larson Science promotes critical thinking skills while providing a science conversation through direct instruction so students gain deeper understanding. Students begin applying this acquired knowledge in daily conversations.
  • Provides progression of core ideas across the grades
    Nancy Larson Science is a complete K–5 knowledge-based program with a perfect balance of life, physical, and earth and space sciences. Click on the links below to see our learning progressions across the grades.
  • Builds science content coherently
    Our Science K–5 program is designed so when students complete Science 5, they will meet or exceed national science standards. Each lesson builds on the students’ prior knowledge from previous lessons as well as background knowledge students bring from their life experiences.
  • Integrates practices, core ideas, and crosscutting concepts
    Nancy Larson Science helps elementary students to develop scientific skills by using guided inquiry to build background knowledge and practice science rather than learn secondhand. While introducing disciplinary core ideas, students learn that concepts cut across the science disciplines and are not isolated topics.
  • Connects to Common Core State Standards English Language Arts
    Our lessons address CCSS–ELA reading, writing, language, and speaking/listening standards through powerful vocabulary, reading of informational text, writing about science topics and texts, conversations, reporting and much more. The difference the vocabulary makes to bilingual students has shown to be significant. Click here to learn more about how we address CCSS–ELA.

To request a presentation on how Nancy Larson Science can assist your school in addressing NGSS, call (860) 434-0800.

Read the document below to find out how Nancy Larson Science addresses the National Science Framework and Next Generation Science Standards.