Our Philosophy

Nancy in Class

Nancy Larson® Science programs were created to help teachers provide challenging and meaningful science content to elementary-age children. The topics chosen for each grade level reflect children’s interests and developmental characteristics.

The Science K program focuses on the children and their interaction with the world around them. Science 1 focuses on life science and the children’s environment. As children grow older, their interests broaden. Science 2 focuses on physical science and the way things work. In Science 3, children explore the world beyond their immediate environment as they study earth and space science.  The Science 4 program focuses on organisms and their interactions as well as forms of energy. Science 5 focuses on the interactions of systems on a micro- and macro-scale.

Our programs ensure an in-depth study of topics that help promote long-term learning and understanding of concepts. Lessons build upon one another with the understanding that different sciences are interrelated. For this reason, we are not a “pick and choose” science topics program but a complete science program that will help students have a broader understanding of science.