New science program for fifth graders sparks interest in chemistry, astronomy, and environmental science

Old Lyme, CT – (May 17, 2017) – Nancy Larson Publishers announces the release of its new Nancy Larson® Science 5 program. Retired teacher, curriculum author and entrepreneur Nancy Larson understands the importance of designing quality science lessons for young students. For hundreds of teachers, principals and curriculum directors who have been patiently waiting for Science 5 – the wait is over. Nancy Larson Science 5 is now available for schools to purchase.

“It is so exciting to finally have Science 5 ready for the students and teachers who have asked for it. This program is constructed so students get lessons presented in a way that helps them understand and retain the knowledge beyond testing,’’ Larson said. “Science 5 took thousands of hours of field testing by dedicated teachers across the country. Our proven recipe for success makes a real difference. The results will be students who learn to appreciate the importance of science in our world. It is important to design a program that meets the needs of the teachers, addresses the national science standards and STEM, and also fascinates the students. When students become fascinated with various science concepts, this leads to a desire to learn more and even become scientists. This is our goal.’’

The importance of developing programs that work is why Nancy Larson and her writing team of teachers spent five years developing Nancy Larson Science 5. This is the last installment in the successful science curriculum series for elementary students. Nancy Larson Science 5 focuses on the interactions of systems on a micro- and macro-scale. There is an emphasis on physical science and on earth and space science in Science 5 as lessons review and build upon topics taught in Science K–4.

“In our Science 5 program we expand on the topics by delving into the history and development of machines and the important role of engineers,” explained Larson. “Students take a more in-depth look at our universe and examine the interactions of the Earth’s four major systems—geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.”

Nancy Larson Science 5 continues to build on the strong foundation set by the earlier Science K–4 rounding out the series to be a cohesive and complete K–5 program for elementary schools.