Record number of fifth graders pass rigorous state science test

In 2015, fifth graders at Tuloso-Midway Independent School District in southern Texas had the best results on the rigorous Texas standardized science test in the history of the school district. “This year our fifth grade scores were higher than they’ve ever been!” said Tuloso-Midway Primary School Principal David Calk. “For us to have these scores under even more rigorous testing is an exceptional accomplishment.”

Tuloso-Midway Primary School uses Nancy Larson Science and Calk credits this program for the students receiving an outstanding foundation in science. He also hears from middle school teachers that their incoming students are well prepared for science.

“The Nancy Larson Science program has helped our students go above and beyond what they are required to do,” Calk said. “In the state of Texas, I don’t think you’ll see the periodic table taught until middle school. With Nancy Larson Science, we introduce it in third grade.”

“The teachers love the way the material is presented,” Calk said. “They don’t have to complete a lot of outside prep every time they are going to teach science.”

The superintendent marvels at the success and asked Principal Calk: “Why do so many of your elementary kids love science?” Calk knows the answer. The students love science because they get a regular dose of exciting hands-on experiments at an early age, thus allowing them to grasp the concepts and succeed at learning the subject.

Tuloso-Midway – one of the largest school districts in the region – serves a diverse population with a wide socioeconomic background and a large number of students who learned English as a second language. “The success on the test cuts across all demographics and all subgroups,” Calk said. “We are seeing the positive effects of Nancy Larson Science everywhere.”