Sacred Heart Grade School

Capture2Soaking up big concepts

Principal Terri Maier of Sacred Heart Grade School in Charleston, West Virgina, describes the Nancy Larson Science program as taking big concepts and making them kid friendly. “The content is clearly challenging, but the way this program is developed and written makes it doable for children.”

Nancy's program does curriculum the way it needs to be done. She's now our gauge for other programs because she has done it right. -- Terri Maier, PrincipalStudents with word wallStudents gobble it up

“Often times other science curricula don’t make children feel successful, which turns them off of science because they think they are not good at it,” Maier said. She notes the feeling of failure has nothing to do with the student and everything to do with the way the material is presented. She says, “Nancy Larson Science hands it to them in such a way that they gobble it up, feel smart, confident and very successful. It’s building a love of science along the way.”

Nancy Larson Science goes further than test scores

Maier does not base the success of this program solely on test scores. She believes it goes way beyond that. “At the root of who we are as educators, we want our children to learn. With this program they are not only learning, but loving science. When you can ignite that passion and desire of any subject early on, you’ve captured them for life.”

Parents are impressed

“As a Catholic school we are founded on our faith and academic excellence,” said Maier. Parents at Sacred Heart are vocal in their praise of the Nancy Larson Science program. Maier says they can’t get over the success the students are achieving with such difficult topics. “Our students are loving it, learning it and being successful with it.”

Sacred Heart Grade School