Science creates excitement in the classroom

Principal and kindergarten teacher Rebecca Reid at Risen Christ Lutheran School, Springfield, Ohio, is thrilled to have Nancy Larson Science in her school. She teaches Science K. “Children think science is fun and with Nancy Larson Science­ — science IS fun! They are always ready to do science. When children are excited about science, they are inspired to learn more.”

Student engagement

First grade teacher Heidi Congleton loves the age-appropriateness of the lessons. Two of her favorite features are the hands-on activities and the student booklets. “I love that the students do their own work in the booklets. They can take their booklets to reread and review. The ownership is important to the kids.”

Second grade teacher Debbie Rutledge went on to explain, “In our school we appreciate how engaging this program is for our students.

I absolutely feel that Nancy Larson Science is getting students ready for upper grades by building a strong foundation. This program is very hands-on with easy delivery of the lessons; the kids remember it and learning occurs.”

Develops study skills

Developing study skills is important for teachers at Risen Christ Lutheran. Fourth grade teacher Debbie Goings and fifth grade teacher Anna Schack recognize how Nancy Larson Science has helped their students. “The daily lesson reviews along with the study guides provide the review and guidance the children need,” said Goings. gram is very hands-on with easy delivery of the lessons; the kids remember it and learning occurs.”

Parents impressed

Second grade teacher Debbie Rutledge notes that parents are impressed by their children’s interest in science. “At our parent conferences, parents comment on how much their children remember and how they talk about what they are learning,” said Rutledge. This impresses Principal Reid. “As a principal, I am always happy when parents are amazed by what their children are learning.”

Perfect for new teachers

“One of my favorite things about Nancy Larson Science is that it is very easy for first- and second-year teachers as well as substitutes to use,” said Principal Reid. “It is so incredibly teacher friendly and it reduces hours and hours of planning,”

Heidi Congleton added. “You can tell it was written by a teacher for teachers.”