Students at Ripley Elementary

"The program has wonderful tools that support reading." -- Fancy Fowler, Fourth Grade TeacherNancy Larson Science—a breath of fresh air

Ripley Elementary in Ripley, Mississippi, has been using the Nancy Larson Science program for five years. Before being introduced to the program, fourth grade teacher Fancy Fowler dreaded one subject – science. “The textbooks were intimidating and were way over the kids’ heads,” said Fowler. “Nancy Larson Science is a breath of fresh air. Now I would love to teach science and nothing else. That shows you how teacher-friendly it is.”

Fourth grade resources

Fowler loves the online aspects of Science 4. The program provides slideshows, pictures, and charts that give the students a new technological interaction with science. “The students love it, and it’s what keeps them tuned in and focused on the lesson,” she said.

Classroom management

Classroom management is easy with Nancy Larson Science. The teacher manual, classroom material, student material, and tool kit provide the teacher with all the things needed to be prepared and ready to go. “There is no down time where I am wondering what to do next,” Fowler said. “I am ready for science and my kids are ready.”