Excerpts from our Student Outcomes
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arrowLesson 52
Observing and recording the growth of plants from seeds

Student Outcomes
Students will discuss and observe the teacher draw and label the next observational illustration and then draw and label their own observations of their plants.


arrowLesson 50
Identifying the joints and their functions

Student Outcomes
Students will view x-rays, locate and learn about the joints in their bodies, and read and discuss information on joints from the book Your Insides.


arrowLesson 8
Measuring the mass of a solid

Student Outcomes
Students will learn to measure the mass of solid objects and measure the amount of matter in different objects by using a balance and hexagrams.


arrowLesson 64
Identifying and describing characteristics of soil
Identifying the layers of soil on the Earth’s surface

Student Outcomes
Students will read and discuss information on components of soil, and conduct an experiment to demonstrate how different soil components settle out to help geologists determine soil content.



arrowLesson 3
Identifying parts of a microscope
Using a microscope to observe a cheek cell
Identifying the nucleus of a cheek cell

Student Outcomes
Students will read about and discuss the parts of a microscope, label a microscope diagram, and draw and label a cheek specimen with and without microscope magnification.