“I love the student booklets. My students think they are little scientists.”
Sara Jeck, First Grade Teacher

CaptureOrganized and comprehensive program

First grade teacher Sara Jeck was thrilled last September when St. Ursula Villa in Cincinnati began using Nancy Larson Science in the first, second and third grades. Previously, their science curriculum was created by individual teachers who relied on their own research, resources and time to put together lessons. “With Nancy Larson Science, I feel like my students are learning science from an organized and comprehensive program that is easy to implement.”

Progressively more challenging

Jeck notes that throughout the year, the reading, writing, and language used progressively become more challenging. “For my first graders, the booklets start off with bigger print and fewer words. As the year goes along, the vocabulary and lessons become more challenging because my students are better readers and can retain more information.”

Capture2Science and reading connection

“We have a reading series that includes nonfiction books. When my students read about plants and animals they will say, ‘Hey, we talked about this in science.’ They are retaining and remembering what I taught. Each lesson builds off the previous lesson so it helps with review and continuity,” Jeck said.