“Nancy Larson Science provides everything you need in one place. It’s really well designed.”
Maria Schmitz, Third Grade Teacher

Students with rocksScience 4 strengthens learning foundation

St. Elizabeth of Hungary has been using Nancy Larson Science curriculum for several years and is excited to add Science 4. This Dallas Catholic school started with a single grade but quickly expanded to the entire series. “The transition from one grade level to the next is smoother because they’re all using the same curriculum,” says Assistant Principal Rachel Robb. “It provides the consistency we needed. It works well because the students get the content they need at each grade level.”

Girl HighlightingA program highlight: more than just a science education

Robb says she would definitely recommend Nancy Larson Science. “The program works great! Test scores have gone up and the kids have a better understanding of the material. It teaches them how to pick out important information and highlight key facts. Nancy Larson teaches them more than just science.”

stelizabeth-smallImmediate feedback on lesson results

Third grade teacher Maria Schmitz appreciates that Nancy Larson Science allows her to evaluate immediately how much information was retained by her students. “As soon as we do a lesson, I give my students the review and check it on the spot. That way I can quickly tell which parts of the lesson they understood and what parts may need more work,” says Schmitz.