Students at Saint Agnes School


Age-appropriate, serious science

Nancy Larson Science is written so it is easy to teach and rigorous yet fun for children to learn. However, the children at Saint Agnes School in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, are not the only ones learning. Last year, Principal Sr. Cynthia Wessel pulled double duty and taught fourth-grade science. Sister Cynthia enjoyed Nancy Larson Science because it was full of serious science content and made her a great science teacher. “I told the students that I didn’t learn some of these concepts until high school. This program is excellent. Not being a science person, it was very easy for me to teach.’’

Students excited about science!

Second- and third-grade teacher Linda Reed says that Nancy Larson Science naturally brings out energy and learning excitement in her classes. “I’ve never had a group of students so excited about science. They just love the experiments and the hands-on activities.’’

Easy to use

The Nancy Larson Science program is also easy to use for the teacher. “I like how the lessons are set into small segments. Each lesson is in an easy to carry lesson booklet and it tells you exactly what the students need to know,” says Reed.

The curriculum has student booklets that introduce each new topic and expand on it throughout the booklet. These interactive booklets are where the students read about the topics, highlight main ideas, record data, draw illustrations or graphs, and keep for future review. Reed noted, “The students learn to study because they are highlighting words and definitions and reviewing concepts to help them retain the information.”