STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, MathematicsThe movement to promote careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is all the rage in education and even mainstream media.

We say welcome aboard. Our founder and author Nancy Larson has been promoting STEM since before STEM was cool. In fact, Nancy was laying the foundation for careers in mathematics and science long before STEM was even named.

Nancy Larson and her dedicated writing teams are experts in making complex subjects look easy. The real magic is children learn from our hands-on, knowledge-based programs.

A pioneer in elementary curriculum for math and later science, Nancy has helped millions of students discover a love for mathematics and science.

Saxon Math K–4, which Nancy first authored in 1991, was revolutionary for teaching math. Her program and its remarkable results have been recognized by an independent national study.  Larson has presented her methodology at NCTM conferences.

Several years ago, Nancy began hearing from teachers around the country how they needed a hands-on yet rigorous program that could lay the foundation for high school and even college-level sciences. The idea for Nancy Larson® Science took root.

Today, Nancy Larson Science is taught in hundreds of schools across the country. Many schools use our program because they are dedicated to laying the foundation for STEM.

Teachers rave that our program is easy to teach—and a few even admit they are learning some things too. No matter the students’ science level—the students perform well.

You might say in order to achieve STEM, it is best to start with seeds of knowledge from Nancy Larson Science.