Principals Say It Best!

A Great Investment
“When I’m investing in a program, I want to know that my teachers love it, and they do. We appreciate how engaging this program is for our students. I absolutely feel that Nancy Larson Science is getting students ready for upper grades by building a strong foundation.”
Joyce Frederiksen, Principal, All Saints Catholic School, Wichita, KS 

Hands-On Science
“I’m so happy we purchased this program. It’s very hands-on, which is fabulous for the kids. It’s also good for the teachers because everything you need is right there and it is a complete program. What we found is that by the time they take the first state science test in fifth grade, they’re more than ready for it.”
Betty Hunt, Principal, Saint Catherine of Siena, Wichita, KS

Prepares for Middle School
“Nancy Larson Science is hands on, minds on-taking the students to the next level of learning. Our middle school teachers are so excited to inherit this foundation in a couple of years. The base that will transfer over will only improve the learning process in the middle school science program.”
Mary Ellen Paul, Principal, Portsmouth Regional Catholic School, Portsmouth, VA 

Higher Level Teaching
“Nancy Larson Science is definitely on top of things, matching up with the NGSS science standards and integrating nicely into our school curriculum. The students are learning important vocabulary terms, are engaged by the lessons, and excited about the experiments and small projects they do in class. Sometimes I sub in the classroom, and it is very easy to teach as a substitute. I’ve been very impressed when teaching it myself. This curriculum allows my teachers to teach their students at a very high level.”
Trent Duckett, Principal, St. John’s Lutheran School, Mattoon, IL