Doris CarterOpportunities to broaden reading skills

“As an educator, I am very proud to say that Nancy Larson Science has been and still is very useful to my students and me. My students are enjoying all the information they are learning about the Sun, moon, planets, elements, etc. Students are also able to broaden their reading skills by having opportunity to find evidence and compare and contrast things. Lessons are easy to follow and to prepare daily. Thank you, Nancy Larson Science.”

Doris Carter, Third Grade Teacher, East Sunflower Elementary School, Sunflower, MS

Wilda Dean

Highlighting, underlining, and color-coding

“We are greatly enjoying the Nancy Larson Science program. It is the best science program we have used. The students are engaged during every lesson. They are given the opportunity to highlight, underline, and color-code important information. Not only does every material that comes with the program help my students learn science well, but it also helps my students improve their reading skills.”

Wilda Dean, Fourth Grade Teacher, Forest Municipal SD, Forest, MS

Minimal teacher prep time

“I really enjoy using Nancy Larson Science for my 5th grade classes. The students enjoy it because each lesson contains a small amount of information that is easy to understand. The student activities are interesting yet challenging. As a teacher, one of the best things is that there is minimal teacher preparation time for each lesson. I don’t have to spend my planning period making copies or preparing handouts.”

Allison Harrison, Fifth Grade Teacher, Falkner Elementary School, Falkner, MS

Missy MeltonLoves teaching science now

“We love Nancy Larson Science at Tunica Academy for many reasons. I love the fact that the materials are provided for you, which makes it so easy to teach. I also love the fact that I personally have learned so much about the subject matter I am teaching. Science has not always been my strongest subject but because I have learned a lot, I love teaching science now!”

Missy Melton, Fifth/ Sixth Grade Teacher, Tunica Academy, Tunica, MS

Superior customer service

“Implementing the Nancy Larson Science curriculum is a collabora­tive effort between the school and the company. Nancy Larson representatives are consistently available and responsive to requests, needs, and concerns. Representatives from Nancy Larson Science make regular visits to the school to train and support teachers as they implement the program.”

Daphne Heflin, Principal, Lockard Elementary School, Indianola, MS

Exploring inside and outside the classroom

“Nancy Larson Science has encouraged our students to explore the natural world in the classroom setting as well as outside the classroom. Students have been able to apply the knowledge gained from Nancy Larson Science to real world experiences in our school garden.”

Joni House, Principal, Annunciation Catholic School, Columbus, MS

Chris TerryReal, hands-on science

“Nancy Larson Science gives our students the opportunity to experience science in a ‘real, hands-on’ way!”

Chris Terry, Principal, Kosciusko Middle Elementary School, Kosciusko, MS

Michelle NowellEngages students

“Nancy Larson Science is a great program that not only engages the students, but gives you (the teacher) all the tools needed to carry out the lessons!”

Michelle Nowell, Principal, Kosciusko Lower School, Kosciusko, MS

DeSean DysonCultivates creative learners

“When our school was founded, we prioritized finding curricular options that not only exposed our students to high quality content but were also built on exploration and hands-on engagement. Our students and teachers love the Nancy Larson Science experience and how it prioritizes the application of theory and fact into practice in a way that creates little explorers. We not only look forward to how this is creating a strong scientific foundation in our students, but that it also helps cultivate the kinds of creative learners who can thrive in all disciplines.”

DeSean Dyson, Head of School, The Redeemer’s School, Jackson, MS

Donna BrowningLesson planning made simple

“I love that the materials for teaching are provided and the lessons are already planned!”

Donna Browning, Third Grade Teacher, Kosciusko Middle Elementary
(Pictured with daughter Emerson Browning and her science project about the planet Venus)

Keith AycockExciting improvement to curriculum

“Nancy Larson Science has been one of the most exciting improvements to our curriculum. I taught science for many years and never had the hands-on experiments to reinforce the concept that I was teaching. That is what attracted me to Nancy Larson Science. After seeing the program it was an easy decision for us. The detailed plans to follow and all of the equipment needed for the experiments to reinforce the students’ learning has been a tremendous improvement to our science curriculum. Students, faculty, and administration—we all love Nancy Larson Science.”

Keith Aycock, Principal, Bayou Academy, Cleveland, MS

Melinda MarsalisReading, critical thinking, and vocabulary development

“Nancy Larson Science is a perfect way to bring reading, discovery, critical thinking, and vocabulary development into the classroom simultaneously! All the work is done for you! Just open the boxes and go!”

Melinda Marsalis, Federal Programs Director of South Tippah School District, Ripley, MS

Bridgett WheatonBetter student outcomes

“With the importance of student proficiency on MS State Science Assessments, we knew as a school we needed to do something different and engaging in order to direct our student outcomes. With the implementation of the Nancy Larson Science program in grades 3-5, we have seen a 15%-40% increase in students’ scoring proficient on the 5th grade science assessment. We began implementation initially in grades 3 and 4. At that time, the program did not include a 5th grade curriculum, but we knew that we needed to set a foundation for our students. This decision was one of the best school program decisions we could have made.”

Bridgett Wheaton, Principal, Goodman Pickens Elementary, Goodman, MS

Investigating, exploring, and discovering

Our students are investigating, exploring, and discovering. The program makes science fun. We see our students retaining the vocabulary words in each lesson. They use these words in their writing journals and at home with their parents. It’s like they are little scientists.”

LaSherry Irby, Principal, Batesville Elementary, Batesville, MS

Rigor at each grade level

“East Sunflower Elementary has implemented Nancy Larson Science in kindergarten through fourth grade with great success. The program includes a high level of rigor at each grade level and engages students with nonfiction text on a daily basis. In addition to teaching science concepts and reasoning skills, Nancy Larson Science teaches students how to read and analyze passages and utilize good Tier II and III vocabulary. Both students and teachers have thoroughly enjoyed using the Nancy Larson Science program.”

Sawanda Washington, Principal, East Sunflower Elementary School, Sunflower, MS